Bi-stretch sofa covers

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    Stark Multielastic Sofa Cover . Made with the exclusive PatternFit manufacturing system , which will provide the cover with maximum compatibility with all types of sofas . Multi-elastic cover , adaptable both vertically and horizontally. Available in 16 colors .

  • SofaSkins multi_cagliar multi_cagliar

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    The CAGLIARI Multielastic Sofa Cover is made with a multielastic fabric that is perfectly adaptable to any shape of sofa. You have a wide variety of colors.

  • SofaSkins fn_noemi fn_noemi

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    from 64,89 €
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    Protect your sofa and redecorate your home with this wonderful Noemi model cover.

  • SofaSkins multi_carla multi_carla

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    Protect your sofa and redecorate your home with this marvelous CARLA model multi-elastic sofa cover . It has nine different colors.

Bi-stretch sofa covers for your sofa. Dress up bulky sofas

Dressing a sofa does not have to cause headaches, neither for the budget nor for finding the ideal model for your sofa of special measures. Discover the selection of cheap sofa covers that ends with those problems!

Find a large sofa cover is not easy, but if you add to this idea conditions such as: that covers the sofa perfectly, that is well or that is easy to place, the thing is complicated. If it's a leather sofa cover that does not slip on a sofa with cushions that do not fold, more of the same. Until the selection of multi-elastic covers of Outlet-Textil is known ...

Here it is easy to find a multielastic sofa cover that, thanks to its elastic fabric horizontally and vertically, dresses voluminous sofas, sofas of special shape or dimensions or leather sofas to perfection. Surprise yourself with the results after placing a multielastic sleeve on your sofa!