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  • Kamasana pro_estel pro_estel

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    desde: 24,30 €
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    The ESTEL sheet from the firm Kamasana is especially recommended for LATEX and VISCOELASTIC mattresses. Estel is a bottom made of TENCEL natural thermoregulatory fiber. It is breathable and waterproof, and neither gives heat or produces noise.

  • Don Almohadón pc pc

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    desde: 13,65 €
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    CUNA TENCEL Mattress protector by Don Almohadón . It is made with tencel , a material with many benefits, is refreshing as linen, comfortable as wool, soft as silk, strong as polyester and more absorbent than cotton. The base of polyurethane induced, so it does not contain any sustencai harmful to health acting as an anti-mite barrier.

  • Cañete canape_liso canape_liso

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    desde: 24,65 € Before 27,70 € Saving 3,05 €

    Smooth or frosted cover of the Cañete company. Just dress your bed with this Cañete canopy with plain colors. It gives us the possibility to choose its finish in both plain and gathered . Choose the one that fits best in your bedroom.

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  • Cotopur pro_nieve pro_nieve

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    SNOW mattress protector Cotopur . This protector by its characteristics make it a breathable and waterproof mattress carrier that does not give heat and produces no noise, in addition to being an effective anti-mite barrier. Its sides are elastic knit and extra soft touch.

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  • Cotopur pracqua pracqua

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    desde: 13,46 €
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    Mattress protector ACQUA Cotopur firm. This mattress protector is 100% cotton waterproof and high absorbency . Effective anti-mite barrier. Acqua is a high quality adjustable protector with induction lamination without the use of adhesives. This mattress protector is ideal for use in health centers, residences and hotels .

  • Cotopur pc_gregal pc_gregal

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    desde: 12,35 €
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    Mattress protector GREGAL from Cotopur . This mattress protector is 100% cotton waterproof and high absorbency . Effective anti-mite barrier. It is an effective protector by dust mite barrier and induction lamination without the use of adhesives.

  • Kamasana praire praire

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    desde: 18,75 €
    5 reviews

    Air mattress protector from the Kamasana company. It is a protector of mattress 100% cotton of maximum thickness with base of polyurethane by induction without using adhesives. Its characteristics make it a breathable and waterproof protector that does not produce heat and produces no noise. Effective anti-mite barrier .

Mattress protectors. Easy, useful and economical.

Many buyers wonder how to protect a mattress for much longer, the answer is to buy a mattress protector, and here they are all.

The mattress protectors are a garment with a surface with characteristics that make the mattress a more comfortable and fresh item, while avoiding that this can stain overnight. For example, breathable waterproof mattress protectors are perfect for beds for children or elderly people; while a curl mattress protector is cool and ensures a pleasant rest to the sleeper.

The mattress protectors are placed just like a bottom sheet, that is, with rubber bands on the sides, so they are indispensable at any time, both for daily use and for occasional use. Buy cheap mattress protector is not complicated, especially among the protectors of the Oulet-Textil selection.