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    • Decusso du_attraction du_attraction

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      desde: 265,01 €

      Nordic filling ATTRACTION of the signature Decusso . 210 Gr / m² of 100% Siberian white goose down and its 281 Gr / m² of 100% cotton fabric down-proof micro-modal combed silk touch . It has the ability to retain and maintain our body temperature, so that the micro-climate inside the Nordic, created, is prepared to withstand extreme winter temperatures.

    • Decusso du_02 du_02

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      desde: 318,30 €

      Nordic dump filling 02 from the firm Decusso . 200 Gr / m² of 100% Siberian white goose down and its 281 Gr / m² of fabric 100% cotton combed down proof micro-modal touch silk . It has the ability to retain and maintain our body temperature, so that the micro-climate inside the Nordic, created, is prepared to withstand temperatures for winter and extreme...

    • Duvedecor du_golden du_golden

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      desde: 109,99 €

      El Relleno Nórdico GOLDEN de la firma Duvedecor se fabrica con tejidos de algodón naturales extra suave seguros para mantener en perfectas condiciones el relleno interior. Este duvet nos ofrece un buen descanso noche tras noche con un buen confort al mejor precio.

    • Libela nor_liplumo nor_liplumo

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      desde: 68,95 € Before 86,39 € Saving 17,44 €
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      Nordic down filling of the firm Libela . Duvet of 250gr. Composed of 90% duck down , which gives the garment an extra soft and light touch . Nordic with inner chamber so that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the bed, while preventing the down to move to the bottom, but are perfectly spread.

      Reduced price!
    • Decusso du_go du_go

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      desde: 113,99 €

      Nordic down filling GO from the firm Decusso, composed by 270gr / m2 of 92% goose down and white duck and 8% of small feather . Perfect body thermoregulator with interior camera . Duvet high quality and conford, includes cloth bag for proper storage. Perfect for autumn and winters not too cold and stays with heating.

    • Decusso du_stop du_stop

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      desde: 60,88 €
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      Nordic filling STOP pen of the firm Decusso . Composed by 310 gr / m² of 10% goose down and white duck and 90% feather between 3-4 cm . Perfect body thermoregulator . Includes the cloth bag for proper storage. Extra soft and light duvet, perfect for the autumn months and winters.

    • Decusso du_accent du_accent

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      desde: 234,45 €
      1 review

      Natural Nordic ACCENT filler from the Decusso firm.A high quality item with 100% Siberian white goose down filling combined with 100% combed cotton outer fabric . 150 gr / m2 is perfect for autumns or winters not too extreme. Perfect body thermoregulator.

    • Decusso du_natural du_natural

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      desde: 154,98 €

      Nordic NATURAL filling from the firm Decusso, composed of 95% high quality white goose down and 5% small feather Light weight 240gr / m2 but with a high thermo regulating power, perfect for the autumn months winter. Feel the unequaled pleasure of sleeping with feathers.

    • Decusso du_refresh du_refresh

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      desde: 194,00 €

      Natural Nordic Refresh from the company Decusso . Composed of two garments joined by 100gr / m2 and 170gr / m2 square brackets consisting of 95% white goose down and 5% small feather.You can use each garment separately, or both at the same time, when temperatures drop. Versatile and of perfect adaptability to the different temperature changes between...

    • Decusso nor_degold nor_degold

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      desde: 304,59 €

      Nordic stuffing made 100% of the best organic natural silk . the lightness, perspiration and the high softness offered by the Gold model works as a soothing and relaxing for greater efficiency in rest, thus helping to regenerate our body and our skin.

    • nor_claplu nor_claplu

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      desde: 108,00 €

      Excellent nordic Nordic pen filling of very high thermal capacity 575Grs / m2. Feather and Feather selected Virgin 100% Natural.

    • Duvedecor du_nube du_nube

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      desde: 199,99 €
      3 reviews

      DUVET CLASIC SUPERIOR NUBE Nordic Filler from Duvedecor is light, soft and fluffy and made of natural, safe fabrics to keep the interior filling in perfect condition. It leads a healthy natural antiácaros treated ProNeem, lasting protection, efficient and 100%.

    • Duvedecor du_premium100 du_premium100

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      desde: 200,00 €

      UNIVERSAL DUVET this Nordic Stuffed PREMIUM 100 Duvedecor is light, fluffy safe is manufactured in natural fabrics to keep in perfect condition inside padding. It can be used throughout the year and is ideal for rooms that maintain a temperature of 12º - 20º.

    • Duvedecor du_premium140 du_premium140

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      desde: 230,00 €
      1 review

      This duvet DUVET UNIVERSAL PREMIUM 140 duvedecor comes from a large selection of the best waterfowl: geese and ducks so it is light, soft and fluffy . It can be used all year round and is ideal for rooms that maintain a temperature of 15 º - 23 º.

    • Duvedecor du_marfil du_marfil

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      desde: 399,99 €

      Nordic filling Ivory Duvedecor gives us the way they bring the fine threads that make up the fabric and padding high quality, Ivory make an excellent Nordic. Insured comfort and satisfaction ideal for the coldest winter nights. Ideal for rooms that keep the temperature between 12 º and 20 º.

    • Duvedecor du_marfot du_marfot

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      desde: 369,99 €

      The Duvedecor ivory-Autumn Nordic filling gives us the lightness provided by the fine threads that make up the fabric and the high quality filling, make the Marfil-Autumn an excellent Nordic . Ideal for rooms that keep the temperature between 15 º and 23 º.

    • Cañete nor_glaci nor_glaci

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      desde: 112,00 € Before 124,44 € Saving 12,44 €

      Nordic down filled GLACIAL by Cañete. Padding down this Nordic 275 Gr. Virgin Plumón is high quality and provides high thermal capacity and regulates temperature to keep warm in the coldest winter nights.

      Reduced price!
    • Mantas Mora aitana aitana

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      desde: 113,69 €

      Nordic Padding AITANA 220Gr from Manta Mora. This Nordic is the one indicated for those who look for the maximum quality in down . Its warm filling of white goose down , as well as its quality and gramage, make it the ideal duvet for extreme cold.

    Nordic stuffed with feather or down, unsurpassed quality

    What a touch! What warmth! What capacity of shelter! These are expressions that are frequently heard by those who sleep wrapped in a duvet down , in a Duvedecor Nordic filling or in Nordic feather fillings. Would not you like to know why?

    The main feature of down is its ability to maintain body temperature, therefore, a down duvet is a perfect garment to warm up in the winter months. There are different grammages thought of in different regions, of course, the greater the grammage of the down quilt , the greater its insulating capacity, and also the higher its price.

    But there are cheap quilts of down feather feathers that offer different percentages of down and feather, with an excellent coat capacity, but at a very interesting price for all budgets. To buy cheap online Nordic pen fillings , access our catalog and discover fillings of all prices and qualities.