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    • Zebra Textil sal_almarev sal_almarev

      colores disponibles
      desde: 32,50 €
      1 review

      Salvasofa Reversible ALMA , valid for Sofas of 2, 3 and 4 seats. Protect your Sofas in a fast and effective way with a Reversible ALMA Salvasofa .

    • Zebra Textil sal_alma sal_alma

      colores disponibles
      desde: 26,00 €
      1 review

      Salvasofá Relax Reversible ALMA . Cover your sofa, relax sofa or armchair in a quick and easy in just a few seconds with this salvasofá relax . Available in Gray, Blue, Mink and Brown.

    • SofaSkins sal_paulan sal_paulan

      colores disponibles
      desde: 51,06 €
      2 reviews

      Protect your Sofas quickly and efficiently with a universal PAULA model. It is available in thirteen different colors and adapts to two, three and four-seater sofas.

    • SofaSkins sal_repaula sal_repaula

      colores disponibles
      desde: 41,13 €
      1 review

      Universal salvasofa model PAULA valid for Armchair, Sofa Relax or Sofa 1 Seat. It is available thirteen different colors.

    • SofaSkins sal_relavi sal_relavi

      colores disponibles
      desde: 29,05 €
      1 review

      Universal salvasofaá Vienna valid for Armchair, Sofa Relax or Sofa 1 Seat.

    • SofaSkins sal_viena sal_viena

      colores disponibles
      desde: 39,45 €
      1 review

      Protect your sofas quickly and efficiently with a universal model Salvasofá Vienna. It is available in ten different colors and adapts to sofas of two, three and four seats.

    Sofa protector, a practical product, with many advantages

    How to protect a sofa from rubbing without completely covering it? If you are looking for a sofas cover that does not hide the upholstery, but that protects the areas of greater exposure to friction, you should know our salvasofás.

    Rapidísimos to place and superprácticos when it comes to protect from scratches, so are the sofas. It is a type of cover that does not completely cover the sofa, but only the areas most exposed to friction: seat, backrest, armrest and footrest. Easy to place for daily use, they are removed in a matter of seconds when necessary, the salvasofás are a solution tailored for any sofa, even as a sofa for sliding seats or as a cover for a relax sofa.

    Now that you know the salvasofás and all its advantages, I'm sure you'd like to get one, although it would be even better to be able to buy cheap salvasofá, right? Well, you're in the right place to find the best models of sofa covers, and at the best prices!