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  • Pielsa piel_poncho piel_poncho
    + colores disponibles
    desde: 20,00 €

    PONCHO. Hook with clip, which can be used as a blanket or shawl . A great success so that the elderly can also protect themselves during the coldest days . You have it available in mother of pearl and gray .

  • Vialman mt_pirineo mt_pirineo
    + colores disponibles
    desde: 22,50 € Before 25,00 € Saving 2,50 €

    Smooth Mantle PIRINEO from Vialman . This blanket of solid colors gives us a level of comfort very appropriate for the season of halftime. It has a soft touch and an exquisite brightness perfect to decorate the bedrooms along with other elements to provide a plus of shelter.

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