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Polar blankets

Fleece or microfiber blanket, versatility at the best price

It weighs nothing at all and does not overwhelm, but you have to see how it shelters; These are the characteristics that explain the popularity of the microfiber blanket. If you already know its technical characteristics, it's time to buy cheap polar blankets to enjoy them, do not you think?

Microfiber blanket or fleece blanket that looks like a velvet blanket for its soft touch, but which is made of polyester microfiber, with a simple maintenance because it is easy to wash and dries quickly, so it is ideal even for children. What are you waiting for to find a cheap fleece blanket to put on the foot of the bed, on the sofa or for the children to play on the floor?

Cheap, economical, at an excellent price, with an incredible quality and price ratio ... You can say it as you wish, but the reality remains the same: in Outlet-Textil there is a collection of multi-purpose online polar blanket with great features, and an even better price!

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  • Vialman mt_pirineo mt_pirineo
    + colors
    22,50 € Before 25,00 € Saving 2,50 €

    Smooth Mantle PIRINEO from Vialman . This blanket of solid colors gives us a level of comfort very appropriate for the season of halftime. It has a soft touch and an exquisite brightness perfect to decorate the bedrooms along with other elements to provide a plus of shelter.

    Reduced price!
  • Reig Marti mt_happy mt_happy
    + colors
    1 review
    28,70 € Before 31,90 € Saving 3,20 €

    This HAPPYCOLOR Manta by Reig Marti has a wide range of plain colors and sizes to choose from. It is polar touch so it gets a nice soft texture ideal for the protection of the cold in the winter months.

    Reduced price!
  • Javier Larrainzar mt_bicojav mt_bicojav
    + colors
    33,58 €

    Magnifica smooth bicolor polar blanket from Javier Larrainzar

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