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  • Decusso co_fly co_fly
    + colores disponibles
    desde: 20,05 €

    FLY Pen Quadrant of the signature Decusso . Excellent padding of natural decoration, composed of 90% small feather and 10% down, outer fabric 100% cotton down proof. Let yourself go and feel the lightness of the fly quadrant and let your dreams fly over the clouds.

  • Mantas Mora 5.93fibra 5.93fibra
    + colores disponibles
    desde: 15,94 € Before 17,33 € Saving 1,39 €
    2 reviews

    Fill the decorative cushions to your liking by introducing the desired amount of fiber inside.

    Reduced price!
  • Mantas Mora extra extra
    + colores disponibles
    desde: 5,65 € Before 6,64 € Saving 1,00 €
    21 reviews

    Extra cushion filling 100% Polyester available in a wide variety of sizes to have all the sizes of cushions you want to decorate your home .

    Reduced price!
  • Don Almohadón dacojinvisco dacojinvisco
    + colores disponibles
    desde: 36,19 € Before 42,56 € Saving 6,36 €

    Viscoelastic cushion from Don Almohadón . This cushion is valid for any type of sofa or seat that by its characteristics offers an excellent lightening to the pressure, recommended to people who spend long time seated or suffer ulcerations.

    Reduced price!
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