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    • Don Almohadón dacojinvisco dacojinvisco

      available colours
      from 40,95 € Before 45,50 € Saving 4,55 €

      Viscoelastic cushion from the firm Don Almohadón . This cushion is valid for any type of sofa or seat that, due to its characteristics, offers excellent pressure relief , recommended for people who spend a long time sitting or suffer from ulcerations.

    • Decusso co_fly co_fly

      available colours
      from 20,05 €

      Quadrant Pen FLY of the firm Decusso . Excellent natural decoration cushion filling , composed of 90% small feathers and 10% down, 100% down proof cotton outer fabric . Let yourself go and feel the lightness of the fly quadrant and let your dreams fly above the clouds.

    • Mantas Mora 5.93fibra 5.93fibra

      available colours
      from 15,94 € Before 17,33 € Saving 1,39 €
      2 reviews

      Fill the decorative cushions to your liking by inserting the desired amount of fiber inside.

      Reduced price!
    • Mantas Mora extra extra

      available colours
      from 4,84 € Before 5,37 € Saving 0,54 €
      26 reviews

      Extra 100% Polyester cushion filling available in a wide variety of sizes to be able to have all the cushion sizes you want to decorate your home .

      Reduced price!

    Do you have covers and do you need a Cushion filling?

    When buying padding for cushions you just have to be clear about what material you want the padding and what are the measures you are looking for, that you find a cheap padding that fits your criteria and we have made sure here.

    Fiber cushion padding or feather cushion padding? Viscoelastic cushion or fiber to fill cushion covers? Filling 60x60 cm cushions or filling 50x50 cm? The possibilities of Outlet-Textil include these options and some more, so that you only have to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

    Being an online store you can look, consult and compare as many times as you want, until you are clear about the model that you are going to buy for padding: the most suitable for your quadren without padding or for your new cushion covers. Look at the products, compare their features and get the ideal cushion filling in just a few clicks.