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Ikea sofa covers

Protect your IKEA sofa, and enjoy it much longer

Here you will find the elastic cover for IKEA sofa to protect your new sofa, to renovate the living room or to give a new air to the living room.

You like your TIDAFORS sofa, you love your KIVIK sofa, you love your EKTORP sofa so much, that it would be a real pity if the fabric was damaged or stained ... Do not give up to enjoy your favorite sofa, place a tidafors sofa cover , or a kivik sofa cover or ektorp sofa cover and boasts of your IKEA sofas.

With our covers for sofas IKEA your sofa will be perfectly protected, in addition, in case it gets dirty, remove the sofa covers and wash them in the washing machine is possible, when replacing them, the sofa will look again just bought. Do you need another reason to buy IKEA sofa cover in our store? Well, we have two: the incredible selection of colors available and the convenience of buying online.

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