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  • Naturals nor_120 nor_120

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    Nordic filling 120 Grs from the firm Naturals . This synthetic Nordic padding of 120 grams of feather touch . You will be able to use it perfectly in the mid-season so as not to be cold on cool nights and you don't know what to wear.

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  • Naturals nor_4estacion nor_4estacion

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    Nordic Filling 4 Seasons 120+250 Grs from the firm Naturals . This 120 + 250 Grs Nordic filling is ideal to be used in the four seasons of the year , since you can use it individually or together by means of clips that join both fillings since they are of different thickness. You can use it on the coldest winter nights or on spring nights.

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  • Naturals re_400 re_400

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    Nordic filling 400 Grs from the firm Naturals . This 400-gram duvet filling can be used as a duvet cover filling or as a duvet cover. It is very soft perfect to use in the winter season.

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Children duvet. Nordic children and youth fillings, for children.

Children's Nordic fillings to dress the beds of the little ones should have a filling that provides heat and a soft exterior, be hypoallergenic and warm without overwhelming. In juvenile Nordic fillings we have models that meet all these requirements.

Do not miss the chance to buy cheap quilts for cribs and beds between our Nordic quilts of 80 cm, Nordic 90 cm, and nordic of 105 cm, from prestigious firms such as Reig Martí, Deide, Cañete or Mantas Mora, among others. All the brands, all the qualities and all the grammages that you are looking for Nordic of 90 cm, Nordic of 105 cm and more, are in our home textile online store.

Offer the best shelter to babies, children and youth is possible with infant fillings, but to get the right choice, the recommended is to compare qualities, materials and grammages. Inquire in our store of the characteristics of all models of Nordic fillings online is the best way to choose the ideal nordic filling for your children.