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  • Decusso al_a2 al_a2

    available colours
    from 48,50 €

    Feather Pillow A2 from the firm Decusso . This pillow has the exterior behavior: padding 95% white goose down 5% small feather and Interior Fabric 90% small feather 10% down . This composition provides us with excellent softness and recovery. They are totally natural and with a long durability.

  • Decusso al_a1 al_a1

    available colours
    from 95,12 €

    Down Pillow A1 from the firm Decusso . The pillow is made of 95% White Goose Down and 5% small feathers . This composition provides us with excellent softness and recovery. They are completely natural and long-lasting, providing great comfort and well-being at the time of rest.

  • Decusso al_fly al_fly

    available colours
    from 27,64 €

    FLY Feather pillow by Decusso . Natural pillow of high quality and comfort, composed of 90% small feathers and 10% down, outer fabric 100% hypoallergenic and breathable down proof cotton . Let yourself go and feel the lightness of the fly quadrant and let your dreams fly above the clouds.

Down and feather pillows, quality, softness and luxury.

Quality, softness and luxury, down and feather pillows offer these characteristics. To buy cheap pen pillows, you are in the perfect online store.

Feather pillows are a type of pillow made from natural materials that adapt perfectly to the shape of the neck and neck, resulting in a solution tailored to those who sleep on their side. The feather and down also provide a pleasant sensation of warmth, so they are infallible in the colder months or for the cooler ones.

Of course, it can not be denied that feather and down pillows are an investment in quality of sleep, an investment, because thinking about buying a feather cushion is impossible not to think about expensive prices, until you get to Outlet-Textil. Be amazed at the incredible quality and price ratio of our pillows with feather and down fill! The luxury you deserve for the best rest, at the best price.