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No printed duvet covers

Smooth nordic covers, in combinable colors

If you love dressing the bedrooms with trendy colors, discover our plain nordic covers . If you want to take advantage of the effect of the colors in your mood, do it with our combinable covers . Turn the color into the decorative motif of your room.

Buying basic colored duvet covers is simple. A Carrefour duvet cover or an Ikea duvet cover are options accessible to the buyer. But, how boring it is to think about the scarce selection of colors available. A big difference with the proposals you will find in our home textile store: Blue, green, orange, red, white, gray, fuchsia, pistachio, black, purple ... are just some of the colors available.

Get your custom designed duvet covers by combining the duvet cover, a fitted sheet, the pillowcases and the deco cushions of your favorite colors in our smooth and combinable models. Combine colors and complete sets of duvet covers with unique designs to create a colorful bedroom.

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  • Cañete fn_algodonorg fn_algodonorg
    Funda Nórdica ALGODÓN ORGÁNICO Cañete + colores disponibles

    desde: 44,81 € Before 52,72 € Saving 7,91 €

    Cañete ORGANIC COTTON Duvet Cover. The safe choice to be among your bedding, this fine and elegant duvet cover made of organic cotton . A great success to decorate your bedroom and be respectful with the environment . Available in seven combinable colors .

    Reduced price!
  • fn_lisarevalg fn_lisarevalg
    Funda Nórdica Reversible Algodón Percal 200 Hilos + colores disponibles

    desde: 39,00 € Before 65,00 € Saving 26,00 €

    Reversible Duvet Cover Cotton Percale 200 Threads. Available in 6 beautiful colors you have this special duvet cover made of 100% Cotton , with a smooth and reversible design . Perfect to expand your bedding this season. A great success!

    Reduced price!
  • fn_lisaalgo fn_lisaalgo
    Funda Nórdica Algodón Percal 200 Hilos + colores disponibles

    desde: 39,00 € Before 65,00 € Saving 26,00 €

    Duvet Cover Cotton Percale 200 Threads. Ideal to give a renewed air to your room is this fantastic duvet cover . With a smooth design and a wide variety of colors so you can create your best combination. Dress your bed and decorate your bedroom this season, quality and comfort in the same garment.

    Reduced price!
  • Naturals fn_tencel fn_tencel
    Funda Nórdica TENCEL Naturals + colores disponibles

    desde: 69,90 €

    TENCEL Naturals Duvet Cover. Dress up your bed this season with this duvet cover made with 100% Tencel fabric, a more environmentally friendly style. Available in gray and white , ideal to combine with any style of decoration. It will be very easy for you to place your duvet filling thanks to its button system.

  • Naturals fn_bicolor_na fn_bicolor_na
    Funda Nórdica BICOLOR Naturals + colores disponibles

    desde: 36,95 €

    Duvet cover BICOLOR Naturals. Ideal to have a replacement and be among your bedding, it is this reversible duvet cover with a smooth design, perfect for you to create your best outfit and combine it with the other items in the tab, combine it with ... Available in sea blue and mustard .

  • Es-Tela fn_bicocala fn_bicocala
    Funda Nórdica Bicolor CALA Es-Tela + colores disponibles

    desde: 37,27 €

    Two-tone CALA Es-Tela Duvet Cover. Expand your bedding with this reversible duvet cover, available in different colors , ideal for you to combine as you like, and create your best outfit with the countertop, bottom and pillowcase. At your disposal to combine it with .. the other Es-tela items . Create as you like!

  • Naturals fn_lino fn_lino
    Funda Nórdica LINO Naturals + colores disponibles

    desde: 54,95 €

    LINO Naturals Duvet Cover. Give your room that touch of light with this duvet cover available in white , gray , linen and lilac , its soft tones will bring you that calm in your moments of rest. You have just completed your outfit with the LINO collection.

  • Cañete fn_varua fn_varua
    FUNDA NORDICA VARUA CAÑETE + colores disponibles

    desde: 80,60 € Before 94,85 € Saving 14,26 €

    VARUA CAÑETE NORDIC CASE. Perfect in any environment for its simplicity and elegance. This duvet cover from the Cañete WHITE COLLECTION collection is made in white with small details that will bring balance to your bedroom.

    Reduced price!
  • Cañete fn_kinos fn_kinos
    FUNDA NORDICA KINOS CAÑETE + colores disponibles

    desde: 89,15 € Before 104,85 € Saving 15,70 €

    KINOS CAÑETE NORDIC CASE. A timeless, unique and exquisite duvet cover , with a zig zags design. It is available in white and mother of pearl , two beautiful colors that can be combined with the rest of your bedding.

    Reduced price!
  • Cañete fn_kom fn_kom
    FUNDA NORDICA KOM CAÑETE + colores disponibles

    desde: 94,25 € Before 110,80 € Saving 16,55 €

    KOM CAÑETE NORDIC CASE. A simple geometric drawing correctly decorates this beautiful duvet cover , which will bring the luminosity and purity of white to your bedroom. You can also complete your choice with comforter and matching cushions. A success.

    Reduced price!
  • Cañete fn_roli fn_roli
    FUNDA NORDICA ROLI CAÑETE + colores disponibles

    desde: 87,95 € Before 103,50 € Saving 15,56 €

    NORDICA COVER ROLI CAÑETE . A white design with small details super combinable in any environment. It will give luminosity and elegance to your bedroom, in addition you have at your disposal the matching comforter, in addition to several cushions to combine.

    Reduced price!
  • Cañete fn_tama fn_tama
    FUNDA NORDICA TAMA CAÑETE + colores disponibles

    desde: 85,70 € Before 100,85 € Saving 15,16 €

    NORDIC CASE SIZE CAÑETE . Beautiful white duvet cover with a simple but elegant diamond design. You can expand your choice with more items from this collection such as the comforter and cushions.

    Reduced price!
  • Cañete fn_amacañ fn_amacañ
    FUNDA NORDICA AMA CAÑETE + colores disponibles

    desde: 91,55 € Before 107,70 € Saving 16,16 €

    NORDIC COVER LOVES CAÑETE. Elegance and harmony in a single garment, this beautiful white duvet cover , from which you have the comforter and cushions, is designed with horizontal reliefs that will surely be ideal in your bedroom.

    Reduced price!
  • Es-Tela fn_bicolor100 fn_bicolor100
    Duvet Cover LISA BICOLOR 100% Cotton Es-tela + colores disponibles

    desde: 56,40 €

    COMBICOLOR Duvet Cover LISA BICOLOR 100% cotton of 200 threads of the firm Es-telia . With this combi collection you can create your own color scheme, combine the duvet cover with the countertop, bottom, pillowcase and cushion. More than 10,000 possible combinations . Available for all bed sizes and in 3 different colors.

  • Cañete fn_lisarever fn_lisarever
    Funda Nórdica Lisa Reversible CAÑETE + colores disponibles

    desde: 32,20 € Before 37,89 € Saving 5,68 €

    Duvet Cover Lisa Reversible CAÑETE. Fantastic proposal of the signature Cañete so you can have the color and the combination of colors that you like. The jacket of the duvet cover is reversible , and the bottom and the pillowcase with the combination proposed in each image. Surely it costs you to decide with so many options and varied proposals.

    Reduced price!
  • Cañete fn_rolf fn_rolf
    Funda Nórdica ROLF Cañete + colores disponibles

    desde: 76,25 € Before 84,75 € Saving 8,50 €

    Duvet cover ROLF Cañete. A basic that can not miss in your bedding. A duvet cover available in four basic colors: black , beige , blue and brown , made of Jacquard fabric and with the possibility of buying the matching cushions. Elegance and simplicity in one garment.

    Reduced price!
  • Es-Tela fn_bico fn_bico
    Funda Nórdica LISA BICOLOR Es-tela + colores disponibles

    desde: 28,50 € Before 34,00 € Saving 5,50 €
    2 reviews

    Duvet cover LISA BICOLOR by Es-tela . With this combi collection you can create your own combination of colors, combining worktop, bottom, pillow case, cushion or Duvet cover Bicolor. More than 10,000 possible combinations . Available for all bed sizes and in a very wide range of colors.

    Reduced price!
  • Es-Tela fn_lisa fn_lisa
    Funda Nórdica LISA 100% Algodón Es-tela + colores disponibles

    desde: 29,50 € Before 35,85 € Saving 6,35 €
    2 reviews

    Lisa Nordic Cover 100% Combi Cotton by EsTela . With this collection you can create your own color combination, combining worktop, bottom, pillowcase, cushion or the duvet cover to your liking. More than 10,000 possible combinations . Available for all bed sizes and in a very wide range of colors.

    Reduced price!
  • Es-Tela fn_liso200 fn_liso200
    Juego Funda Nórdica ALGODÓN 200 Hilos Es-tela + colores disponibles

    desde: 41,50 € Before 48,50 € Saving 6,99 €

    Duvet Cover COTTON 200 Threads of the firm Es-tela . The most minimalist of all the Nordic covers , optical white design completely smooth and of a very high quality for its composition 100% Egyptian cotton of 200 threads . It will be a pleasure to sleep wrapped in a Nordic like this. This garment is manufactured in Spain.

    Reduced price!
  • Reig Marti fn_niruel fn_niruel
    Funda Nórdica NIRUEL Reig Marti + colores disponibles

    desde: 80,75 € Before 94,90 € Saving 14,15 €

    Duvet NIRUEL signature Reig Marti. This case is made with high quality products. It presents a simple design with small lines that give it that touch of minimalist style . Dress your bed with this fantastic duvet cover .

    Reduced price!
  • fn_naturam fn_naturam
    funda-nordica-natura + colores disponibles

    desde: 38,50 €
    3 reviews

    Duvet cover in white NATURA . This duvet cover with minimalist style is perfect to decorate and dress your bed in any type of environment. Take the opportunity at an unbeatable price.

  • Es-Tela sacocombi sacocombi
    funda-nordica-lisa-combinable + colores disponibles

    desde: 27,50 € Before 32,20 € Saving 4,70 €
    8 reviews

    Lisa Combi Nordic cover by EsTela . With this collection you can create your own color combination, combining worktop, bottom, pillowcase, cushion or the duvet cover to your liking. More than 10,000 possible combinations . Available for all bed sizes and in a very wide range of colors. If you want to see how your combination is in bed use our simulator.

    Reduced price!
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