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    Foulards and blankets for your sofa

    A sofa blanket is fine to always have on hand, but do not you think it would be better to have a cheap scarf ? This home textile is used to cover, but also to cover on a sofa . Here you have a selection of the best sofa foulards .

    Buying a white, black, brown, blue or green scarf has never been so easy. Buying online it is possible to look, compare and choose the most suitable sofa blanket model for any type of seat: sofas of two, three or four seats, large sofas, sofa beds and even click clac sofas.

    It should not be forgotten that the fabrics covered by a foulard sofa are used to dress and protect the sofa, but they can also be used as sofa blankets and, even, as a fine quilt for sofa beds . There is no denying that foulards are a very versatile multipurpose garment. By the way, among our selection you will find the sofas cover that best matches your decoration, as well as a cheap scarf with a price commensurate with your budget.

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    • Zebra Textil fou_circulos fou_circulos
      Foulard Multiusos CIRCULOS + colores disponibles

      desde: 20,50 €
      1 review

      CIRCULOS multipurpose foulard , made with a fabric of excellent quality. This scarf is valid to cover or protect both armchairs and sofas of different shapes and sizes.

    • Eysa col_maria col_maria
      Colcha Multiusos MARIA Eysa + colores disponibles

      desde: 29,81 € Before 33,50 € Saving 3,70 €

      MARIA Multipurpose Quilt by Eysa . With this multi-purpose quilt or foulard quilt from the new Eysa collection you can dress your bed or cover your sofa perfectly. This garment can be used in any environment since it has a wide range of colors. Do not stay without protecting your bed or your sofa.

      Reduced price!
    • Eysa col_sugus col_sugus
      Colcha Multiusos SUGUS Eysa + colores disponibles

      desde: 19,00 € Before 21,34 € Saving 2,34 €

      SUGUS Multipurpose Quilt by Eysa This new collection by Eysa presents this multi-purpose quilt or quilt to cover your sofa or dress your bed perfectly. Do not stay without protecting your sofa or your bed as it has a wide range of colors perfect for use in any environment.

      Reduced price!
    • SofaSkins foulviena foulviena
      Foulard Multiusos VIENA + colores disponibles

      desde: 17,94 €
      1 review

      We present this Foulard multipurpose model VIENA in ten different colored finishes to combine in any corner of your home: for sofas, bed, armchairs ect.

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