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  • Pielsa piel_poncho piel_poncho
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    desde: 20,00 €

    PONCHO. Hook with clip, which can be used as a blanket or shawl . A great success so that the elderly can also protect themselves during the coldest days . You have it available in mother of pearl and gray .

  • Pielsa manta_cole manta_cole
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    desde: 20,00 €

    COLE BLANKET. This blanket is available in mother-of - pearl , gray and pink . The perfect complement so that children do not get cold at school, completely closed and very comfortable. To take it wherever you want comfortably, it comes with a bag with handles.

  • mascarilla mascarilla
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    desde: 6,00 €

    Reusable Hygienic Mask. Support with elastic bands and fabric that adapts to the morphology of the face easily. Mask for personal use resistant up to 50 washes with breathable and water-repellent fabric, which repels water. Barrier against viruses and bacteria. Available in two colors; black and white .

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