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  • Don Almohadón al_cunafibra al_cunafibra

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    CUNA FIBRA pillow from the firm Don Almohadón. This fiber crib pillow is specially designed for newborns with a spherical hollow silicone conjugated polyester fiber.

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  • Don Almohadón al_cunavisco al_cunavisco

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    CUNA VISCOELASTICA pillow from the firm Don Almohadón. Due to its open cell structure and ventilation channels we achieve perfect breathability so that the baby can breathe even face down. It is totally washable to improve the health of ours.

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  • Don Almohadón dacunaantiah dacunaantiah

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    Viscoelastic Crib Pillow from the firm Don Almohadón . This crib pillow has perfect perforations to avoid possible shortness of breath due to contact of the face with the pillow during your baby's rest.

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The rest of the babies is essential during the first months of life. That is why it is very important that you study well how to buy pillows for your crib. These baby pillows are very comfortable and designed for a proper rest. You can choose fiber, viscoelastic pillow or anti-suffocation, highly recommended to prevent the baby from running out of air if it is placed face down.