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  • Kamasana ca_onda ca_onda
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    desde: 27,75 €
    1 review

    Padded mattress overlap Reversible WAVE Kamasana . This mattress cover has a high quality confection, with a border and rubber band around it, a mattress pad in 100% cotton , high absorbency, padded by ultrasound and resistant to friction. It has antiallergic effects and prevents the growth of bacteria, germs and molds.

  • Kamasana ca_sanipur ca_sanipur
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    desde: 25,60 €

    SANIPUR padded mattress overlay from Kamasana . It is a mattress cover made of 100% cotton terry of excellent quality and maximum thickness. Sanipur is antiallergic and its fabric has treatments of the prestigious brands Trevira Fill Bio Active and Sanitized, whose properties guarantee protection against asthmatic diseases and allergies, as well as the...

  • Cotopur ca_topalgodo ca_topalgodo
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    desde: 28,40 €

    This quilted mattress top model of the Portege Cotopur firm mattress and provides good welfare. It offers greater comfort and improves air circulation . It has a rim and rubber band around it and is also reversible .

  • Kamasana ca_puralgodo ca_puralgodo
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    desde: 32,80 €
    2 reviews

    Quilted cushion cover PUR COTTON from the firm Kamasana . A quilted mattress pad 100% natural that provides maximum comfort and freshness to your rest. Made in 100% cotton, the PUR COTTON mattress pad is reversible and both the fabric and the padding are made of pure 100% cotton.

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